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bop_challenges's Journal

Birds of Prey Fic Challenges
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Birds of Prey Fic Challenges


Archiving BoP femslash fics from the TV & comic series
in eReader format for handhelds and pc/mac.




Current Challenge
Birds of Prey 12 Days 26th Dec 2006 to 31st Dec 2007
A Birds of Prey, fandom specific, femslash, year long, themed challenge. Write 12 fics based on the following themes,

01.New Year 02.Birthday 03.Just another day...
04.Lucky day. 05.Mother's Day 06.Father's Day
07.NOT MY DAY!!! 08.Friendship Day 09.Grandparents Day
10.Rainy day 11.Pick On Me Day! 12.What a day!
  • FEMSLASH pairing, threesome, character
  • Fandom: Birds of Prey
    • TV [no cross-over, no Barbara/Dinah],
    • comic verse.
  • no movie verse.
  • AU is ok.
  • a combination of comic and tv verses on the table allowed.
  • at least 500 words, no max word limit.
  • all ratings are welcome, anything above a R must be clearly stated before the <lj-cut text="">

Submit at least 1 fic per month, due on the 15th, 12:00GMT of each month.
  • or anytime before the dateline.
  • Submission need not be in order on the table.
  • If your prompt fics form parts of a longer story, please post the chapters in order.

DO NOT re-post fics written in the past as part of the challenge.

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